Trayvon Martin, Judge Not....

In the news you may have been following the case of a young man named Trayvon Martin. He was 17 years old, good student, football player, had a smile that could melt your heart. He was visiting his father and his father's fiancee in an affluent gated community when he decided that evening to go get a snack at the local convince store. 

Needless to say, he didn't return.

The neighborhood hood had a neighborhood watch program, George Zimmerman was doing his duty keeping on eye on the neighborhood when he noticed a black male, wearing a hoodie, with his hands in his pocket walking down the street. So, he decided to do his "duty" grabbed his gun, and preceded to follow the mysterious, hooded black male. He called 911, and admitted he was pursuing the black male on foot. The operator tells him to back down....

Gun shots

George Zimmerman shot and killed that mysterious black male in "self defense" 

I'm sure you caught on that Trayvon Martin was that mysterious black male George Zimmerman was so avidly protecting his neighborhood from. Zimmerman continued to peruse Martin, even when told to back down, then shot him, right there, on the streets. Martin was armed...with skittles and iced tea.

As I have followed this story it continues to break my heart. Listening to Martin's parents talk about their son, finding out Zimmerman was released from jail because he claimed self defense under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law (1998 FLORIDA STATUTES CHAPTER 776JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE) If you take time to read the laws you will see how vague they are, so, of course all Zimmerman had to say was he felt threatened and they would let him off. Accordance to FL law, Zimmerman did nothing wrong, he defended himself, against a scared teenage boy armed with skittles and iced tea, wearing a hoodie, walking back from the convince store talking to his girlfriend. He girlfriend, who was on the phone with Martin at the time of the shooting, said that Martin was telling her he was being followed, and he was scared for his safety.

People tend to judge first and ask questions later. Zimmerman did that, he reacted on 2 things, racial judgement, and fear. Those do not make a safe combination, especially for someone who has a gun. I see everyday how people judge others, and it does sadden my heart. I've even had to tell my children, people judge you by your looks first, your personality, intelligence, and talent second. I do not believe Zimmerman is a bad man, nor does he want to just go out and shoot someone to just shoot them. I believe he made a terrible mistake, but, I believe he should be made accountable for his mistake. When you continually peruse someone that is not self defense, when you are holding the gun, and they are holding candy, that's not self defense. I believe Zimmerman knows that, and I believe he is hiding behind a law that has a loop hole just big enough to fit around him. 

We must not judge, we must not keep this racial profiling, and we must allow our self to go beyond our fears and learn to embrace our brothers and sisters. I'm not saying be gullible and expect everyone to be good and kind all the time, but I am saying everyone has goodness in them. You don't know a person until you allow yourself to get to know them. 

Remember, to all my Christian friends/family - 1 Thessalonians 5:2 "For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night" 
Remember to all my Pagan friends/family - Wiccan Rede "Mind the three fold law ye should - three times bad and three times good
Remember to all my friends/family of other beliefs - The Law of One "We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed."

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Forks, Paths, and Journeys

It's been a long while since I posted, and I've taken this time as "down" time. Sometimes, taking a little jump into a silent or slightly silent abyss is absolutely necessary for you to regroup and refocus. That's what I've been doing, refocusing.

There are many times we come to a fork in the road on our paths, sometimes we know it, but, most of the time we are unaware at how a choice can drastically change our direction in life. I had to make that unaware choice many times, but, the past few months, I've been aware of myself standing at that fork. Looking down each path, going through the what if's and trying to remember the vague directions I have been given though out life. I've been standing at the fork for a few months, and I have jumped into a slightly silent abyss while making the choice of which way to go, left....or....right?

As you all know, I've been a very active woman, working with North Georgia Solitaries, Pagan Assistance Fund, running my business, A Spiritual Blend, with my husband, assisting with festival planning, and teaching workshops out of Forever and a Day. Not to mention becoming adjusted to homeschooling my children, the lose of my mother, and more recently my father, and all around being a mommy, wife, and having a full time job. So, this fork I've stood at is a very large fork, and each path looks completely different than the other one. Needless to say, I stood there, thinking, and debating, because I know, this choice, is going to be a life changing choice, and I will never come to this fork again.

Currently, on this path I choose, I've left the unknowing, scared, and slightly confused student behind, and have transformed into a more confident, willing, peaceful, and more stable student, teacher, and healer. As I journey down this new path, stopping every few feet to study with my teachers, Lady Charissa and Lady Hannah-Fey, I look at them with wide wonder. They are 2 beautiful women that I admire and love deeply, and they have selflessly given themselves to me. They offer their knowledge and support, understanding guidance to my blunders, and glowing pride at my accomplishments.

As I remember the hard, hole filled, root covered path I was on, when I began my spiritual journeys, I realize how strong my legs have become, and how aware my feet are, and my worries are no longer, tripping and falling. My worries are no longer, will I be able to see in the darkness, and they are no longer questioning the broken signs on the side of the road. My worries now have gone from my own journey, to others. I worry for others out there who are new to their path, and worry about them as they trip and fall, as they question the broken signs on the road, and as the squint through the darkness looking for a shimmer of light. I worry for others as a mother worries for her children. I know, in my heart others will make it through that journey, but what makes me feel peace with my worries, is knowing the new Path I'm on, is parallel to those on the hole filled, root covered path. They can hear my comforting voice as I encourage them to stand and brush themselves off. They can hear me as I give warning of the large root ahead of them, so they have a chance to walk around it. Like my teachers I have now, I'm confident to give to other understanding guidance to other's blunders, and glowing pride in other's accomplishments.

My new journey has put me on a path of empathy, healing, teaching, and loving all. I now offer that spiritual guidance to those in need, and everyday teach others to breath, be aware, and I live more by example then by speaking. As I journey into Clergy, I'm awakened to so many different sides of myself and others. As I journey through Karuna Reiki, my empathy for the world is opened wide, and I want to give healing to all. I'm a Priestess of the Goddess, a daughter of Brigit and Lugh, the messenger of The Morrigan, the Healer through Kawn Yin, and a on this new path of mine, I look beside me at you, holding my hand out through the rushes, to hold yours, so that when you fall, it is easier to rise again.